Virtual College Fairs


Have you attended a NACAC Virtual College Fair? If not, you won't want to miss the next one!

Sign up now at and start exploring. On each fair date, hundreds of olleges will offer Zoom sessions and Live Chat for high school students everywhere. Log in, drop in, ask questions, and pursue your college dreams. It’s one day with hundreds of colleges. Plus it’s free.

Because there are so many colleges and Zoom sessions to choose from, it's best if you look around before the fair date. Use  to favorite colleges. Click "send me a reminder" for sessions you want to attend.

Information on how to find your way around is in this short video (YouTube) and quick start guide (PDF).



Hooray! You attended a NACAC Virtual College Fair. Congratulations on taking a big step toward your college dreams.

These short articles provide you with additional information and context. Take a look!

  • Prep - See our many articles for ways you can prepare for the college search and application process.

  • Search - These articles help you define and search for your best fit college. In addition, here are some tip sheets for students with special interests:
  • Apply - This section is where you can print out checklists for juniors and seniors; read tips for writing a college essay; and learn about college costs.

  • Decide - Read about how to avoid senioritis; whether commuting is an option; thinking about your college major; and building your college class schedule.

  • Fee Waivers - Check out these resources for requesting: college application fee waiver, transfer fee waiver, enrollment deposit fee waiver, SAT fee waiver, and ACT fee waiver.

Remember, you're welcome to attend as many virtual fairs as you wish. Different colleges will participate at each.