College Counseling Questionnaire

Counselor with studentUse the following questions as you begin your college search. Your responses are for your personal use and for you to share with your school counselor and parents as you build your college list.

  1. Do you have a specific location in mind for college (i.e., a specific city, state, or region)?
  2. Do you have any requirements in terms of location (i.e., warm/cold climate, near family)?
  3. How far from/close to home is the ideal college (i.e., minutes away, an hour away, a day’s drive, a plane flight)?
  4. Do you prefer a city, a suburb, or a small town?
  5. Do you want your college to be near other colleges (in a college town)?
  6. Do your parents have a certain location in mind?
  7. Are you willing to consider locations that you have not yet visited, or do you prefer a familiar location?
  8. What are your academic interests?
  9. Do you have a specific career in mind? What college major do you think would best suit this profession?
  10. What other academic areas do you hope to pursue in college?
  11. Do you work better when you are challenged by tough classes and motivated classmates, or when you are near the top of a less competitive group?
  12. How hard do you work in high school?
  13. How hard do you expect to work in college?