How many fee waiver requests may I submit?
The NACAC Request for Transfer Admission Application Fee Waiver Form is intended to be used at the schools that a student is most interested in attending. NACAC recommends limiting the use of the form to no more than four schools. If the request is not accepted by the college or university, the student must pay the application fee.

Is there a directory of colleges/universities that accept the forms? Does every school accept the form?
NACAC does not maintain a directory of institutions that accept the fee waiver form. Some colleges have their own institutional application fee waivers. If you are seeking information about an institution’s fee waiver policy, contact the college directly.

If I'm ineligible for a Pell Grant, what alternate income eligibility guidelines must I meet in order to be eligible for the fee waiver?
You must meet the eligibility guidelines for the Free and Reduced Price Lunch (FRPL) program. Guidelines are updated on an annual basis and are available here.

What happens if I apply to a school and they do not accept the NACAC fee waiver?
Each institution makes the final decision to accept or decline fee waiver forms. If a fee waiver is declined, the college will ask the student to pay the application fee.

When will I hear from the college that they have accepted my fee waiver?
In most instances, colleges will only initiate contact with a student if a fee waiver has been denied.

A college denied my fee waiver request. What should I do?
Each institution reserves the right to accept or decline the request form. Some colleges do not grant fee waivers at all, which is a common reason for a denial. Clerical errors and illegible/incomplete forms also have a higher incidence of denial. If you have questions about why your request was denied, please contact the institution that administered the denial.