What are the income eligibility guidelines for the Free and Reduced Lunch (FRPL) program?
Current guidelines effective through June 30, 2023 are available here.

Can I still use the fee waiver request if I have not met the financial eligibility guidelines?
NACAC understands the presence of extenuating circumstances for which the form does not account. If the designated school official is aware of a situation that, within the context of professional judgment, warrants a fee waiver, they may sign the form. The school official should check the "Other request..." box in the Economic Need section and provide written justification as to why the student should have their application fee waived.

I have been out of high school for a while and want to apply to college. Can I use the fee waiver form?
Yes. Applicants must seek out a professional who can certify their economic eligibility to complete the Authorized Official section on their behalf. Examples of appropriate professionals include a community-based organization staff member (e.g., social services) and a pastor.

I am a current college student who is interested in transferring to another institution. Can I use this fee waiver form?
Transfer students should use the NACAC Request for Transfer Admission Application Fee Waiver Form.

I am a homeschooled student. How can I obtain the necessary signature to complete the form?
Try to have the form signed by a designated official at a local high school. Students are encouraged to contact the school in advance to schedule an appointment. Remember to bring documentation of your eligibility to use the form.

If you're unable to obtain permission from a designated school official, the individual responsible for oversight of the homeschooling may complete the form. The individual completing the form should provide their contact information along with a letter of explanation as to why the student is eligible to use the NACAC Request for Admission Application Fee Waiver.

I am an international student who is applying to a US college or university. Can I use the form?
Yes, international students who will be first-time undergraduate students and can justify their economic need for a fee waiver are welcome to use the fee waiver form. International students should check the "Other Request" box in the Economic Need section and explain their financial barrier(s) to paying the application fee on the lines provided. Remember that fee waiver forms must be submitted directly to the college or university and that it is ultimately their decision whether the fee waiver is approved.

Students may also wish to consult with an EducationUSA advising center in their home country, that offers support and advice to international students interested in studying in America. EducationUSA advising centers are supported by the US government.

The EducationUSA Opportunity Funds program assists highly qualified students who are likely to be awarded full financial aid from US colleges and universities, but lack the financial resources to cover the upfront costs to apply, such as testing, application fees, or airfare.


Does my school counselor need to sign the fee waiver form?
It is preferable that a high school counselor completes the Authorized Official section. However, an independent counselor or community-based organization official who is in a position to verify the student's economic eligibility can complete this section on behalf of the student.

My counselor is not a NACAC member. Can I still use the form?
Although not required, it is preferable that the form is used by a NACAC member or member institution.

Is the school seal required?
No, the school seal is no longer required.


How many fee waiver requests may I submit?
The Request for Admission Application Fee Waiver is intended to be used at the colleges or universities a student is most interested in attending. NACAC recommends limiting the use of the form to four schools. If the Request for Admission Application Fee Waiver is not accepted by the college or university, the student will be responsible for paying the application fee to the institution in order to have their application reviewed.

I plan on applying to more than four colleges. Can I use more than four fee waiver forms?
The final decision regarding the submission of fee waivers rests with the designated school official (i.e., the person at the high school who authorizes the form). NACAC recommends limiting use of the form to no more than four colleges.

Where do I mail the form?
Mail the fee waiver form directly to the admission office of the institution to which you are applying.

Is there a directory of colleges/universities who accept the forms? Does every school accept the form?
NACAC does not maintain a directory of institutions that accept the fee waiver form. Some colleges have their own institutional application fee waivers. If you are seeking information about an institution's fee waiver policy, contact that college directly.

What happens if I apply to a school and they do not accept the NACAC fee waiver?
Each institution makes the final decision to accept or decline fee waiver forms. If a fee waiver is declined, the institution will ask the student to pay the application fee.


When will I hear from the college that they have accepted my fee waiver?
In most instances, colleges will only initiate contact with a student if a fee waiver has been denied.

A college denied my fee waiver request. What should I do?
Each institution reserves the right to accept or decline the request form. Some colleges do not grant fee waivers at all, which is a common reason for a denial. Clerical errors and illegible/incomplete forms also have a higher incidence of denial. If you have questions about why your request was denied, please contact the institution that administered the denial.


Can the NACAC form be used in conjunction with College Board fee waivers?
The NACAC Request for Admission Application Fee Waiver form and SAT Fee Waiver are mutually exclusive. As such, students may use both the NACAC and College Board forms when requesting fee waivers. In other words, students may theoretically use the NACAC form at four colleges and the SAT Fee Waiver at a maximum of four separate colleges.