Exhibitor Eligibility

Exhibitor Eligibility

NACAC invites representatives from undergrauate degree-granting accredited colleges, non-profit professional associations and organizations, student organizations, and businesses to provide information on STEM education and career opportunities to participate in the STEM College and Career Fair.
Exhibitor Categories

Undergraduate degree granting and accredited colleges that offer STEM programs and seek to promote their programs to prospective students are eligible to participate. STEM fairs are an opportunity to inspire students to pursue STEM majors, participate in summer programs, highlight research, scholarships and internship opportunities your institution has to offer.

STEM Non-Profit Professional Associations and Organizations
STEM related non-profit professional associations and organizations who aim to provide career and educational information and experiences to secondary school students are eligible to exhibit. STEM fairs are an opportunity to inspire students to advance their interest in STEM and possibly join your organization in support of their future STEM careers.

‚ÄčSTEM Student Organizations
A student organization is composed of student members and is operated by students. Nonprofit student organizations focused on STEM related activities who wish to showcase opportunities for students to engage in STEM activities in high school and college are eligible to exhibit.

For businesses interested in promoting their companies and programs to students, STEM fairs are an opportunity to inspire students to pursue STEM careers and demonstrate your corporate commitment to advancement in science, technology, engineering, and math. Talk with students about the importance of STEM knowledge in various career fields, career options, and related scholarship or internship opportunities.