What's Included

NACAC Virtual College Fairs are dynamic, digital meeting spaces that connect high school students and transfer students with colleges and universities.

If you've never exhibited at a NACAC virtual fair, be sure to look around! Visit or watch this short video for a general overview of what happens on each fair date. 

Colleges and universities that register to exhibit at NACAC Virtual College Fairs receive an extensive array of services as listed below. These include platform access, prospects reporting, attendance marketing, and more. Specific how-to information is provided in the Exhibitor Success Guide for Virtual College Fairs.

Exhibitor fees for NACAC Virtual College Fairs help fund the continuous improvement of the program and contribute to overall support for the association.


Access and Services

Virtual Booth

The purchase of a "virtual booth" gives exhibitors access to and the opportunity to create a virtual presence on this increasingly popular college search site. NACAC's promotional efforts lead students and families to where information about your college can be viewed.

In addition, on each fair date, thousands of students arrive on the site to interact with your admission representatives, who prepare and present live Zoom sessions about your college's programs and services.

A virtual booth provides your institution with the following:

  • Profile page ― This is similar to a display ad for your institution. Your institution's signature image and description are viewable on the site from the day you add them through the end of the fair or season.

  • Live sessions ― Students value most the opportunity to attend Zoom sessions and interact with colleges. For Signature Fairs, you may schedule up to five live Zoom sessions. The session descriptions are viewable on the platform from the day you add them through the session's end time. The expectation is that each exhibitor will offer at least two live Zoom sessions that students can attend on each fair date.

  • Videos ― You may add to the platform an unlimited number of videos related to your institution. These will be viewable through the end of the fair or season.

  • Scheduled meetings ― You may offer the opportunity for students to schedule one-on-one meetings with admission staff. Meeting slots can be offered through the end of the fair or season.

  • Live chat ― Your staff can participate in in-app text chat with students. Students who initiate a chat with your college are counted as a prospect. 

  • Attachments ― You may add an unlimited number of resources as supplements to your live sessions and videos.

  • User access ― You may invite an unlimited number of staff to access the platform.

Prospects Generation

Each time a person interacts with your institution's content, they become a prospect and you receive their contact information in a prospects report.

  • Full contact information ― The prospects report from NACAC Virtual College Fairs is high value because it provides full contact information for each individual and is based on actions specifically related to your institution. The report includes email addresses, cell phone numbers, mailing addresses, intended enrollment terms, majors interests, and more. The prospects report can also be imported into your institution's CRM.

  • Demonstrated interest ― Your institution earns prospects when participants take one or more of the following actions that demonstrate interest in your institution: attend a live session, schedule a meeting, view a video, favorite your college, access an attachment, or participate in text chat. Individuals remain on your prospects report for one year.

  • Real-time report ― Prospects are generated in real-time. The prospects report is cumulative and can be downloaded by your Leads Contact for one year following the end of your institution's last fair. 

Exhibitor Services

We appreciate your participation in NACAC Virtual College Fairs and your efforts to create engaging Zoom sessions for students to attend. The following services are in place to support you and your institution:

  • Technical support ― Chat, phone, and email support are available from for up to two business days before each fair.

  • Account support ― NACAC provides billing support through and general support through Questions are answered within one business day.

  • Training ― How-to videos are available to guide you through the onboarding steps. In addition, an extensive Exhibitor Success Guide provides detailed information.

  • Day-of-event services ― NACAC and VisitDays provide day-of-event services to ensure the smooth operation of each fair event. These include platform monitoring, counselor chat for students, and more.

Attendance Marketing

NACAC takes an omnichannel approach to promoting student attendance at virtual fairs. For Signature Fairs, this includes:

  • Counselor outreach ― Secondary school counselors, independent educational consultants, and community based organizations are important gatekeepers to students. We tap into NACAC's extensive database, other lists, and partner organizations to reach these audiences. 

  • Digital marketing ― Each fair includes a robust digital marketing plan to reach both students and parents through digital ads.

  • Partnerships ― NACAC's standing within the higher education community means we're able to enter into promotional partnerships that drive the attendance of thousands of motivated students.

  • Affiliate connections ― More than 20 affiliate organizations support and advance the work of counseling and enrollment professionals within specific geographic regions. Their connection to counselors and students is unparalleled.

  • Promotional resources ― NACAC provides promotional kits for different groups. These save time and ensure brand consistency when reaching out to different audiences.

  • Text and email reminders ― Automated text and email reminders are sent to registrants. These support attendance to each fair.

See the Exhibitor Terms and Policies page for additional information.