Exhibitor Success Guide: Part 2

How to Get Started


Logging In for the First Time

Within one business day of registering with NACAC to be a virtual fairs exhibitor, an email from VisitDays will be sent to your institution or program. This "onboarding email" will be sent to the Exhibitor Contact. 

The Exhibitor Contact

By default, the person who registers with NACAC is considered the Exhibitor Contact, but you can have this changed by emailing

We suggest designating an Exhibitor Contact who will be "doing the work." This person doesn't need to be a technical whiz, but it will be easier if they are technically proficient. They will also receive communications from NACAC about deadlines, new features, and the next season of virtual college fairs. 

Other Users 

If you are not the Exhibitor Contact but need to get on the platform, you should ask the Exhibitor Contact to invite you as a user. As a user you can create live Zoom sessions and add yourself as available for one-on-one meetings.

No Onboarding Email from VisitDays?

Please search for an email with a subject line that starts "You have been invited to join VisitDays at " . Please also check your spam folder. If still no luck, contact so the login information can be resent to you. Note: the login information expires in seven days.

If the Exhibitor Contact does not receive the onboarding email, they can go to and click on "Forgot Your Password." Enter the email address of the Exhibitor Contact and that person will receive an email with a link. Please also check your spam folder in case the email went there.

Log In and Don't Delay 

Once you log into, you'll be guided through an online set-up checklist. You'll have access to technical support through chat, email, how-to videos, and webinars. We want to ensure you receive excellent support!

Don't delay in getting started on the platform.There are two reasons for this. First, it definitely takes an investment of time to get your institution or program on the platform for the first time. It's not hard, it just requires gathering information from various places.

Second, NACAC is actively marketing the virtual college fairs to counselors and students all the time. One of our messages is that students should go to ahead of time to look around. You'll be missing out by not being on the site as soon as you can. Your prospects accumulate over time and don't just come in on the fair date. If you don't have anything up on the platform, you can't get any leads.


Dashboard Tour

Below is a screenshot and explanation about the dashboard you'll see when you log into (This may look different for colleges that are VisitDays customers).

The first time you log into the platform, you'll be guided through these features through an online set-up checklist. If you ever get stuck, click on the blue chat button in the lower right to connect with a technical support representative at VisitDays.

Note: Many of the pages on the platform require you to enter all required information before you can save. (There's not a "save as you go" option). When information is missing, you'll receive a "Please check for errors" message. 



1.  What you'll see first is your Dashboard. You can always get back to this screen by clicking on the person symbol in the left navigation   .

2.  The options available to you here are My Team and Settings. Start with Settings. You'll find these options:

  • Account Basics ― This is where you enter or edit information about your institution or program, such as logo, address, time zone, and main contact.

  • Exhibitor Profile ― This is where you upload a big beautiful photo of your campus or students and provide descriptive information.

  • Developer Docs ― You can ignore this.

3.  In the screenshot above, you'll see a NACAC Fairs graphic with a large blue "Open" button. This appears when you first log into Clicking on "Open" makes the following four options appear in the left navigation. You can always get back to seeing these four options by clicking on the blue star symbol   .

  • Live Sessions  This is where you set up the live and interactive Zoom sessions you'll offer on the day of the fair. This short video explains how: Creating Live Sessions.

  • Meetings  This is where you and your admission colleagues can enter what dates/times you're available for one-on-one virtual meetings. These can be made available during a fair and also before and after fairs. This short video explains how: Creating Meeting Availability.

  • Video Library  This is where you can add videos about your institution or program. This short video explains how: Uploading Videos.

  • Prospects  This is where you'll see a limited (and cumulative) view of who is now a prospect because they interacted with your institution in one of five ways (see Who is Considered a Prospect?). This is ordered alphabetically by first name and viewable by anyone who you've added as a user. It's meant as a quick way for you and your colleagues to find the email address for a student or family member you may have interacted with via Zoom. 

    One person at your institution is designated as the Leads Contact. This person will see an additional "Export" button at the top of this page where they can download full contact information for all of your prospects at any time (see How Do I Retrieve the Prospects Report?).


Your Support Questions


Technical Support

Technical support for exhibitors is available from VisitDays through chat and email. Contact

General Exhibitor Support

Do you have questions about the NACAC Virtual College Fairs program? Please contact NACAC at

Billing and Account Support

Do you have questions about your fair registrations, billing, invoice, or account? Please contact NACAC at

Participant Support 

Participants at each fair (students, families, counselors, and others) will receive day-of support from NACAC staff and volunteer member counselors via the platform's chat feature.



A new series of webinars will be scheduled for the Spring 2021 season. These are usually one hour long with 30 minutes devoted to Q&A. The following recordings from webinars offered earlier may be helpful.

Many questions were asked at each webinar. These form the basis of an extensive FAQ section now available on the next page.


For Exhibitors Just Getting Started

The first webinars were titled "Top Ten Tips for Maximizing Your Leads at NACAC Virtual College Fairs" and featured Pia Brown, director of the NACAC National College Fairs program, and Sujoy Roy, founder and CEO of VisitDays. These webinars provided details on how to get started on the platform.

An Update on the Fall 2020 Season

The webinar offered on Sept. 3 included the following presenters and topics: John McGrath, NACAC Deputy CEO, on "The View Ahead" and Pam McKeta, NACAC Project Manager, on "Transitioning to a Region-Based Schedule of Live Sessions," "Support for Your Lead Generation Goals," and "Checklist for the Sept. 13 Fair." 




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