Exhibitor Success Guide for Virtual College Fairs

Thank you for registering for NACAC Virtual College Fairs!

This Exhibitor Success Guide for Virtual College Fairs provides information on how the NACAC Virtual College Fairs are structured, what you can do to prepare, and how to lay the groundwork for success.

You'll want to read through this guide before logging into the virtual fairs platform for the first time. This guide is an evolving resource and we welcome your input. The guide's table of contents is below.

Starting mid-July, registered exhibitors will receive emails from NACAC with onboarding information. We are bringing exhibitors onto the platform in small groups over a period of four weeks. This is to ensure you receive excellent support. During this period, you'll be guided through an online set-up checklist and will have access to technical support through chat, email, and one-on-one meetings as well as a weekly webinar.

Exhibitors who register after August 6 will have access to the platform immediately and will be guided through an online set-up checklist. Email support will also be available.

Our goal is to make setting up as easy as possible while also providing you with plenty of options for showcasing your college. Please check back as additional information is added to this guide.

Wishing you great success,

The NACAC Virtual College Fairs team


Part 1: Overview

Part 2: How to Get Started

Part 3: Your College's Virtual Presence

Part 4: Presentation Advice

  • Engage and Inform

  • Presentation Tips

  • Recommended Resources

Part 5: Additional Student Features

  • NACAC's College Advising Center

  • College Advising Chat

Part 6: Special Considerations

  • International Universities

Part 7: Exhibitor Checklists

  • Day-of Event Checklist