Terms and Policies

NACAC invites any Title IV eligible and accredited college, university, other postsecondary institution, or program offering curricular study leading to a degree or diploma to participate in the National College Fair program. International Universities that offer academic degrees or diplomas that are sanctioned by the countries Ministry of Higher Education or  by US accrediting associations are also eligible to participate. 

Cancelation and Refund Guidelines
All NACAC National College Fair changes and cancelations must be submitted in writing on institutional letterhead by either email or by faxing to 703-373-2372. All refunds and credits are subject to a $25 processing fee.

Registrations that are canceled or switched to another fair are subject to approval and are assessed cancelation and additional processing fees (including difference between early-bird and regular registration rates.) These fees must be collected prior to registration changes being processed.

If a National College Fair is canceled by circumstances beyond the control of NACAC - such as acts of God, war, government regulations, disaster, civil disorder, or curtailment of transportation facilities - to the extent that such circumstances make it illegal or impossible to allow a National College Fair to occur, the registrant agrees that they will not hold NACAC liable for the cancellation and/or disruption of the program.

If a National College Fair is canceled, the registrant agrees to hold NACAC and its agents blameless and to accept the credit policy agreed upon by the NACAC Board of Directors.

Spring 2018 National College Fairs Cancelation/Refund Timeline
- By December 1, 2017:
Full credit/refund (minus $25 processing fee)

- After December 1, 2017 – one month prior to fair date:
50% credit/refund (minus $25 processing fee)

- Within one month of fair date:
No credit/refund
Additional Scanner fees are non-refundable. For more information, call our Data Management Team at 800/822-6285.

Membership: Member prices are not retroactive for institutions that join NACAC after submitting a National College Fairs Booth Registration Agreement. Separate university programs from a member institution may participate in the National College Fairs at the member price provided that each program is identified as a part of the parent institution. Programs that are identified separately in the Higher Education Directory must purchase a separate membership to receive the member price. Learn more about becoming a member.

Lead Retrieval
Lead retrieval services are provided by Technology Resource Corporation (TRC), a company independent from the National Association for College Admission Counseling. TRC will make every reasonable effort to deliver scanned data within two business days from the conclusion of the fair. Should there be any delay exceeding 30 days to deliver the scanned data, the affected exhibitor may be entitled to a refund of the Lead Retrieval service provided. The liability for damages of any cause whatsoever will be limited to the total price of $50 per occurrence for goods and services provided by TRC.

Each scanner holds a maximum of 10,000 student scans. The scanner may be reset by visiting the TRC service desk during the event at no charge.

If you experience onsite or post-event problems with Lead Retrieval, contact CFA Support Team at 888/601-0200.

Additional scanners for Spring 2018 fairs may be ordered by December 1 at the charge of $50 per scanner. After this deadline, the charge is $60 per scanner. Additional scanners are non-refundable.  Please contact to purchase additional scanners.

Additional scanners for Fall 2017 fairs may be ordered by July 12 at the charge of $50 per scanner. After this deadline, the charge is $60 per scanner.  Additional scanners are non-refundable.

Each exhibitor is responsible for lost or misplaced scanners. The replacement cost is $600. NACAC will invoice once notified by TRC that the scanner has not been returned.

Institutions contracting for exhibit space at a National College Fair agree to have a representative from the institution at the table during the scheduled hours of the fair. This representative must be there on time, and agree to abide by the policies outlined in the Exhibitor Guidelines and by the NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice.

NACAC reserves the right to refuse the registration of any institution that does not comply with the stated rules and regulations of the fairs. By signing the Participant/Registration Agreements, your institution acknowledges that you have read and understood the policies of the NACAC National College Fairs and the NACAC Statements of Principles of Good Practice.