Registration Information For Gap Year Programs

Registration Process

Contracts for exhibit space at the NACAC National College Fairs will be accepted from gap year programs that:

  • Have been in business a minimum of 2 years
  • Are properly insured and registered
  • Have a risk management plan on file
  • Have an inclusion / diversity policy publicly available 
  • Have student policies publicly available 
  • Have a mission statement publicly available
  • Have essential eligibility criteria (effectively outlining minimum qualifications to attend a program)

Registration Check List:
1.    Be sure you are eligible to participate. See paragraph above. 
2.    Gap year programs are expected to adhere to the NCF Exhibitor Guidelines.
3.    Complete the registration form.

Register for 2020 fairs online 
Internet registration is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Reservations made online will receive an immediate confirmation.

2020 Spring and Fall Rates for Eligible Gap Year Programs:

​Institutional Member of NACAC  $675 per booth
Organizational Member of NACAC:  $895 per booth

We encourage gap year exhibitors to register as soon as possible in order to be included in marketing materials for the fair(s).

  • Note: Booth space will not be assigned until your booth order is paid in full or a signed PO is received by NACAC.
  • If payment is not received by designated dates, the exhibit order will be canceled. Notification will be sent by email for all cancelations. In the event that this happens, institutions will need to reregister online and make payment in full by credit card.
  • In order to exhibit, visit to re-register. You must use a credit card and make payment in full.


Institutions registering to exhibit at any National College Fair programs agree to have a representative from the institution at the table during the scheduled hours of the fair. This representative must be there on time and agree to abide by the policies outlined by NACAC's Code of Ethics and Professional Practices (CEPP). Exhibitors also agree to abide by the exhibitor guidelines for the National College Fair program for which they are registered. Exhibitor Guidelines: National College FairsPerforming and Visual Arts Fairs and STEM College and Career Fairs.

NACAC reserves the right to refuse the registration of any institution that does not comply with the stated guidelines of each program. By agreeing the Participant/Registration Agreement, your institution acknowledges that you have read and understood the guidelines of the NACAC National College Fairs program and NACAC’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practices (CEPP).

Cancelations and Refunds
Please visit our Cancellations and Refunds webpage to view specifics regarding refund timelines and cancelation processes.

Member prices are not retroactive for institutions that join NACAC after completing a National College Fairs Booth Registration Agreement. Separate university programs from a member institution may participate in the National College Fairs at the member price provided that each program is identified as a part of the parent institution. Programs that are identified separately in the Higher Education Directory must purchase a separate membership to receive the member price. Learn more about becoming a member.

Third-Party Providers
NACAC has authorized certain third-party vendors to provide registered exhibitors with certain information and services:

Lead Retrieval
Lead retrieval services are provided by Technology Resource Corporation (TRC). The contact information of registered exhibitors of National College Fair programs will be shared with TRC in order to ensure proper delivery of their leads collected at the National College Fair program. TRC will make every reasonable effort to deliver scanned data within two to three business days from the conclusion of the fair. Should there be any delay exceeding 30 days to deliver the scanned data, the affected exhibitor may be entitled to a refund of the Lead Retrieval service provided. The liability for damages of any cause whatsoever will be limited to the total price of $50 per occurrence for goods and services provided by TRC.

General Service Contractors (Decorators)
At National College Fairs, NACAC contracts General Service Contractors to provide the decorating services. This includes the setting/dismantling of exhibitor booths within the leased exhibit space. The contact information of registered exhibitors is shared with decorators so that they may contact them regarding the purchase of products or services outside the standard booth package (i.e., carpeting, electricity, custom displays, etc.). Registered exhibitors are not required to purchase additional products or services from the decorator. The standard booth package (included with your registration as a registered exhibitor) for National College Fairs includes one standard 6’ skirted table, 2 chairs, a wastebasket and a hanging booth sign that includes your institution’s name, city, state and booth number.

At some National College Fair programs, NACAC partners with select media companies to produce advertising and promotional pieces. For many of the National College Fair programs, this includes the locator guide that is distributed at the fair that lists what exhibitors are in attendance. The contact information of registered exhibitors is shared with these media partners so that they may contact them regarding possible advertising opportunities within these promotional pieces. Registered exhibitors are not required to purchase advertising space and approved media partners are always listed on the individual fair webpage (under the “Exhibitor Information” tab).

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