Lead Retrieval App FAQs

Lead Retrieval App Now Available for All NACAC National College Fair Exhibitors 


All NACAC National College Fair exhibitors will be using the GoToCollegeFairs (GTCF) MobileScan App to capture student leads. Scanners are no longer available at NACAC college fairs. ALL onsite representatives must bring a compatible mobile device with the GTCF App to scan student barcodes. The scanning app will allow access only on the day of the fair. Please have your designated onsite representative download the app and set it up (fair and booth selection) before they arrive at the fair.

Tips for Exhibitors

-Plan to have a well-charged phone the day(s) that you plan to use the app.
-WiFi/cellular data is not required to use the app while scanning student leads.
-Downnload the GoToCollegeFairs Mobile App prior to arriving at the fair. 
-If you have any questions about the process or are having difficulty downloading the app, please contact GoToCollgeFairs at or 888/601-0200.

FAQs for Exhibitors
NACAC’s new GoToCollege Fairs MobileScan App is designed to make scanning and accessing leads at National College Fairs easier, more secure, and more immediate.  Why make the switch to the GoToCollegeFairs (GTCF) MobileScan App?

The GTCF MobileScan App is easily accessible in the Apple App Store and Google Play. It is compatible with most devices (phones, tablets, etc.) with the following operating systems: iOS 10 and above, Android Nougat 7.0 and above



  • There is no additional cost for additional users.

  • Exhibitors can collect leads on multiple devices.

  • What about Data Privacy?
    - maintains the highest level of security in student data handling. Data is properly secured while uploading and downloading leads. 
    - GTCF data handling practices are FERPA and GDPR compliant. 
    - For more information about secure data handling practices, visit

  • Do I need Wi-Fi to use the app?
    -To upload the app you must have internet service (WiFi or cellular).
    -You do NOT need the internet to scan leads.

  • What is the cost to exhibitors for the app?
    - There is no additional cost to exhibitors.
    - Exhibitors will have access to an unlimited number of users and leads from NACAC fairs.

  • Can the app be used across multiple phones?
    - Each user/device will need to download the GTCF MobileScan App.

  • What about my cellular device battery?
    - It’s best to use the “offline” feature to collect scans if you’re trying to preserve battery life. 
    - When the “offline” feature is on, the GTCF App will NOT try to connect Wi-Fi or use cellular data during the collection process.

  • How do I upload leads to GTCF?
    - In “Online” mode, leads are uploaded automatically in increments of 10, when connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data.
    - There is also an option for all leads to be manually uploaded when connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. 

  • When will leads be available?
    - Leads will be available within one (1) hour of when they were uploaded.

  • How do I access leads collected after the fair?
    - The institution's designated leads contact will receive an email from GTCF that leads are available, and to log in to the portal to download.

  • Additional GTCF MobileScan App features:
    - Ability to rate students.
    - Add notes about students.
    - Set up profiles before fairs with the option to send a prepopulated email message to students after scanning, including an institutional logo.

  • I already downloaded the GTCF MobilScan App. Do I need to download it again?
    - Yes, it is a new app with the same icon. Exhibitors must delete the GTCF MobileScan App they have been using and download and install the new one.

  • How much data does the app use?
    - The app uses approximately 30 MB (20 MB for app and up to 10 MB data) of space for scanning. The 10 MB data is removed after the leads are uploaded. 

How To Access Your Leads
Your leads contact should have access to the leads as soon as they are uploaded from the app.  The leads contact will be the individual who registered for the fairs unless otherwise updated.

The leads contact should receive an email from notifying them that their leads are available. Didn't see the email? Check to make sure it did not hit your spam folder - you may need to flag it as a safe sender. 

If the leads contact didn't get the email, please have them login to the portal at"  and check to see if they are there. If you they still don't see them, please send an email to


Download the GTCF MobileScan App Quick Start Guide

Instructions for Setting Up Your Lead Portal to Access Your Leads After the Fair

Watch the GTCF MobileScan App Tutorial Video