Lead Retrieval

All National College Fairs offer Lead Retrieval Technology. Each booth registered will include one scanner in the booth price.

Key Features and Benefits
• Accurate information
• Save time and money
• Eliminate manual registration cards
• No redundant data entry
• Easily export data
• Formatted data output

How to I use the scanner?

Scanner user instructions and post fair support FAQs explain how to use the scanners.

Order Additional Scanners

Additional scanners for Spring 2017 fairs may be ordered by December 1 at the charge of $50 per scanner. After this deadline, the charge is $60 per scanner.  Additional scanners are non-refundable.

Each exhibitor is responsible for lost or misplaced scanners. The replacement cost is $600.

NACAC will invoice once notified by TRC that the scanner has not been returned.

Need More Information?
If you have any questions or need assistance, contact TRC Customer Support at 888-601-0200.