Exhibitor FAQs

Where can I find details about exhibiting at a particular fair?
Visit the fair city pages to access information regarding parking, set-up times, shipping information and much more!

What should I take to the fair?

Confirmation Letter - This confirms previous registration and assists the NACAC Event Manager if registration problems occur. Also, this letter includes your booth number.

Tracking Number - This number will confirm the location of your shipment.
If you have any specific dietary needs, NACAC encourages you to bring these necessary food and beverage items.

How do I locate my box when I arrive at the fair?
The decorator handles the shipping needs of the exhibitor. Freight shipped to the decorator will be placed at the exhibit booth on the set up day.

NACAC recommends the college representatives have their tracking number available at the fair. This will assist in identifying the location of a missing box. In most cases, event facilities will not accept shipments.

Why does hospitality vary at each fair?
NACAC provides hospitality as a light fare snack service to exhibitors.  Hospitality service is site-specific and is not included in the cost of registering for the fair. Food and beverage prices vary with each facility, which determines the amount of food and beverage available.

Why is there a fee for parking at the facility?
NACAC attempts to negotiate parking with the hosting facility; however, in most circumstances the parking is handled by the city or event facility and the fee cannot be controlled.

How are booths arranged at the fair?
Colleges/universities are placed on the show floor in accordance with the date NACAC processes the registration. Concurrently, schools are strategically assigned within the floor plan to provide smooth traffic flow.

Each year the number of colleges/universities in attendance varies. NACAC does not have a deadline for registration and also accepts on-site registrations. For this reason, NACAC is unable to allot exhibit space alphabetically or geographically.

How do I ensure my school is included in the fair's marketing materials?
We encourage exhibitors to register by the Early Bird Deadline in order to be included in marketing materials for the fair.