Counselors Attending a College Fair

Tips Before Attending:

-Encourage students to register online for the National College FairsPerforming and Visual Arts College Fairs and STEM College and Career Fairs. Registration may also be completed on a smartphone. Colleges can scan an attendee's barcode directly from their smartphone. Registration is completely free and strongly encouraged.

-Trying to register a group of students in bulk? Learn how to express pre-register your students in a batch.

-View the list of schools attending each fair, workshops and other information, by going to the National College FairPerforming and Visual Arts College Fair or STEM College and Career Fair schedule and selecting a fair.

-NCF and PVA promotional publications are available in English and Spanish. You can download postcards and posters from the “Promote this Fair” tab on each fair’s webpage.

-Make sure you are on NACAC’s mailing list. NACAC sends posters, newsletters, and email reminders leading up to the fair. Contact 800/822-6285 ext. 6827 to make sure your school is on our list or to request additional marketing materials.

-Schedule a time in your school's computer lab for students to register for the fair. Naviance training is a great time to do this.

-Make registration a competition at your school. See which homeroom can have the most registered students. If you are busing your students to the fair, make the barcode a “bus pass.” Students are not allowed on the bus unless they have their barcode in hand.

-If students are unable to register on a computer, encourage them to bring premade labels with their information.

Bringing a Bus? Go to the specific fair webpage by clicking on the fair on the National College FairPerforming and Visual Arts College Fair or STEM College and Career Fair schedule. If there is no busing information listed, please email us.

Tips When At the Fair:

-Make sure to bring plenty of business cards! Walk around and meet with admissions representatives.

-Bring an adequate number of chaperones to monitor your students.

-Designate a specific time and place to have your students report back to when they are done in the exhibit hall. If you need to have an announcement made about your bus, visit the Information Booth at the fair.

How You Can Help:

-Get involved! Join your local planning committee or find out how to volunteer on fair day. Not only will you help plan a great college fair, you will be guaranteed to know all the details.

-Share registration information on your school’s bulletin board, social media outlets and listserve.

-Contact local chairs to suggest relevant workshop topics.

Counselor Registration:

School counselors may enhance their experience at our fairs by registering for a barcode, speaking with college representatives, and having that barcode scanned by college admission representatives. Once scanned, the counselor's barcode will pass along professional information to that college.


After the fair, log into the counselor dashboard to track your students with the student interest and college interest reports. Counselors will need to create their log in credentials and choose the high school for which they want to monitor student registrations. Once created, you will have access to your high school student registration report.


Need more information? Email us.