Performing and Visual Arts College Fairs

Performing and Visual Arts College Fairs
The Performing and Visual Arts (PVA) College Fairs are designed for students interested in pursuing undergraduate and graduate study in the areas of music, dance, theater, visual arts, graphic design, film, and other related disciplines.
Held each fall in addition to the NCF’s, attendees learn about educational opportunities, admission and financial aid, portfolio days, audition and entrance requirements, and much more by meeting with representatives from colleges, universities, conservatories, festivals and other educational institutions with specialized programs in the visual and performing arts.
PVA’s are different than NCF’s, in that there are fewer programs, and they are only held in the fall.  They are also done on a smaller scale, with 65 to 175 exhibitors, and less than 1700 attendees.  PVAs are also unique in that they do not have local arrangement committees in each city, but they have a city representative.  Most of the planning for PVAs is handled by NACAC.
PVAs use many of the same marketing techniques that are used for NCFs.  For instance, posters, newsletters, and emails are sent out to the community.  For PVAs, marketing is concentrated on targeting band directors and drama teachers, as well as community organizations such as summer art camps.
Often, there is a PVA that is held in the same city as an NCF.  Usually, the two fairs are within a few days of each other.  As a chairperson, you can cross promote the two fairs.  Here are some ways in which you can include PVAs in your marketing plan:
  • Ask your event manager for PVA marketing materials, include these when you distribute NCF marketing materials
  • Post PVA information on your affiliates website
  • Display PVA poster/schedule at your high school or university summer arts camp
  • Hold a PVA related workshop at your NCF
  • Share any leads or contacts with event managers

2016 Chair Training PVA Presentation