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History of College Fairs

National College Fairs (NCF)
The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) held its first National College Fair in 1972. It began as a “college day”, and it was held in San Antonio, TX in conjunction with the 1972 NACAC

National Conference. The following year, in the fall of 1973, NACAC sponsored another “college day” in Chicago. It was in Chicago that NACAC first used the name National College Fair for the event. Since then,

NACAC has sponsored a series of NCF’s every year across the country. To make these fairs a success, NACAC relies on local volunteers to help ensure the fair runs smoothly, and that the student’s needs are being met. To date, millions of students and parents have benefited from over 60 annual fairs held in a major city near them.

Performing and Visual Arts (PVA)
The Performing and Visual Arts college fairs program began in the fall of 1993 as a way to serve college and

college bound students with particular interests in the fine arts. PVA fairs were designed for students interested in pursuing undergraduate or graduate programs of study in the areas of music, dance, theatre, visual arts, graphic design, and other related disciplines.

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